About St. Kitts Exempt Company Services

St. Kitts Company Services

Company Incorporation

  • Clearing of the proposed name of the company.

  • Preparing incorporation documents in the same form as our standard incorporation documents.

  • Filing of incorporation documents with the registrar of companies.

  • Provision of one nominee shareholder and two directors for incorporation purposes only.

  • Holding of the first meetings of the directors and preparing minutes thereof.

  • Delivery of one incorporation certificate, one set of the incorporation documents, up to four share certificates and one copy of the minutes of the first meeting of the directors.

Company Administration

  • Provision of the company secretary and registered office.

  • Accepting notices, orders and other official process.

  • Maintaining statutory registers.

  • Preparing and filing of annual returns.



  • Drafting of custom incorporation documents.

  • Preparing documents required to be filed when making changes to the incorporation documents of a company and at the time of the merger, consolidation, arrangement, continuation, redomiciliation, or dissolution of a company.

  • Filing of documents (other than at incorporation of company), providing extracts from public records and obtaining duplicates of certificates.

  • Certification of documents by Notary Public or The Hague Apostille.

  • Printing duplicates of company statutes and other documents.