About St. Kitts Limited Partnership Services

St. Kitts Limited Partnership Services

Limited Partnership Establishment

  • Clearing of the proposed name of the limited partnership.

  • Preparing a limited partnership agreement in the same form as our standard limited partnership agreement.

  • Filing of the declaration of the limited partnership with the registrar of limited partnerships.

  • Delivery of one registration certificate, one copy of the declaration, and one copy of the limited partnership agreement.


Limited Partnership Administration

  • Provision of the office for service.

  • Accepting notices, orders and other official process.

  • Maintaining statutory registers.

  • Preparing and filing of annual statements.



  • Drafting of custom limited partnership agreements.

  • Preparing documents required to be filed at the time of the redomiciliation or termination of a limited partnership.

  • Filing of documents (other than at establishment of limited partnership), providing extracts from public records and obtaining duplicates of certificates.

  • Certification of documents by Notary Public or The Hague Apostille.

  • Printing duplicates of limited partnership agreements and other documents.